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I've upgraded the archive software and now you can post your comments, for other readers and to the author as well. On any of the index pages, just click on the "Post Comments" link for each story and tell us what you think!

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The Spooky Awards are open to all X-Files fanfic, any pairing, any genre. You can make your story eligible for the 2005 Spookys by using the Submissions page to archive your story, post it to mailing lists, post to the ATXC newsgroup and submit it to the Spookys all at once! Just check the boxes for toATXC (at) and toSpookys (at) under "Mailing lists to post" and your story will be forwarded to the newsgroup and the Spookys. And do the same for any other slash stories you've got, the archive supports equal opportunity slashing! The same posting option is available at ScullySlash too.

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