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The archive has moved to the Archive of Our Own

To make sure that all the stories are available for as long as possible to as many people as possible, the archive has been moved to a collection at the Archive of Our Own. The collection at AO3 is open to new stories, following the same guidelines as here. Currently most of the stories are hidden during a waiting period to allow authors to claim their works and decide if they want to keep them public or not. In August 2017, all stories will be made public (unless the author has removed it) and then this archive will redirect to the collection.

ScullySlash has also moved to a collection at AO3 and will be fully open in August 2017 and it is accepting new stories. The Spooky Awards will be moved later this year, TER/MA and All Things Rat will also move to AO3, each in their own collections. The Spooky Awards and TER/MA will not accept new stories while All Things Rat will be open to new stories.

Since the Slipper Archive and Red Light District aren't actually separate archives (just a subset of The Basement based on ratings), they can't be moved to AO3 but you can access the same stories by going to The Basement at AO3 and using the search function (click on Works in the left sidebar, then the search sidebar will appear on the right side) to find only stories rated "General Audiences" or "Teen and Up" (that's the Slipper Archive) or rated "Mature" or "Explicit" (that's the Red Light District).

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July 23, 2017

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