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  1. What is the Basement?
  2. What makes it into the archive?
  3. What DOESN'T make it in? Is there content that will cause the archive to refuse a story?
  4. What the heck IS slash, anyway?
  5. How frequently is the archive updated?
  6. How exactly are authors listed in the archive's index pages?
  7. Is there a way to make certain that my story does (or does not) get archived if I send it to any of the X-Files slash lists or to the archive email address?
  8. What information do I need to include with my story?
  9. Should I include episode spoilers or other warnings with my story?
  10. Is there a specific way to list the title of my story on the email lists that will help with archiving? Something special for stories with multiple parts?
  11. In what format should I post my stories to the lists? Are there other tips that might help?
  12. What if my story is listed incorrectly in the archive?
  13. Can I send HTML pages to the archive?
  14. Will the archive link to a specific story on my web page?
  15. Will the archive be here forever?
  16. What do I do if I still have questions or need help with something else?

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
(aka everything you didn't want to know about the archive!)

General FAQ
for answers to general questions about the archive.

Posting Interface FAQ
for help in submitting stories to the archive.

Search Engine FAQ
for help in finding stories at the archive.

Last Updated: February 12, 2002
Freely Adapted from the Gossamer FAQ, the ATXC FAQ and the Archive/X FAQ