Title: Dead Alive - The Mean Slash Elevator Moment
Author: Goddess Michele
Fandom: X-Files
Pairing: M/Sk
Spoilers: Dead Alive
Rating: PG13 implied m/m and a dirty word
Beta: none
Disclaimer: Boring but necessary disclaimer: C.C., Fox and 1013 own them, I'm just borrowing them for fun, not profit, and I promise to return them only slightly bruised, but in that good 'thank you sir and may I have another?' way.
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Summary: I can't help it, I just think he's mean.

"Let's take a ride."

Skinner reluctantly followed Krycek into the elevator, massaging his chest as the last pain of the nanocytes left him. He wasn't surprised when Krycek pressed the basement button.

"What's this all about, Krycek?" he demanded yet again, not expecting an answer, but refusing to stand mute during what might as well be a kidnapping.

"Y'know something, Walt-can I call you Walt?-I always thought you were a handsome man." Krycek was staring up at the floor numbers displayed above the door, almost deliberately not looking at Skinner.

Skinner's eyes widened behind the wirerims.

"What are you talking about?" he demanded.

"I always knew, you see. About you. And about him." They were almost to the basement.

Skinner couldn't speak, didn't dare.

"Didn't think much of it, really, what with all those double crossings, secret plans and unscheduled amputations to deal with. But it was always in the back of my mind."

The elevator came to a gentle stop, and the doors slowly opened.

Skinner followed Krycek down the maze of hallway to the X-Files office, feeling angry, threatened, hurt, a million things, and not sure what to do about any of them. Only knowing that Krycek held the answers.

When Krycek moved to open the office door, Skinner slammed a hand over it, and severely invaded the younger man's personal space.

"What the hell do you want." Each word was spat out like bile, like poison.

Krycek responded with a gentle shove and a sunny grin.

"Maybe I just want to fuck you the way you fucked Mulder." And he pushed the office door open.

Archived: June 14, 2001