Creme Eggs and Marshmallow Peeps
Author: Goddess Michele
Date: April 14, 2001, 6:53 P.M.
Fandom: X-Files
Pairing: M/Sk
Category: Slashing Mulder Anniversary Contest, snippet category
Rating: PG13 implied m/m
Status: done
Spoilers: No episodes, just Easter, I guess
Archive: put it wherever you like, just leave my name on it
Feedback: Yes, PLEASE!
Series/Sequel: nope
Beta: none
Disclaimer: C.C., Fox and 1013 own them, I'm just borrowing them for fun, not profit, and I promise to return them only slightly bruised, but in that good 'thank you sir and may I have another?' way.
Summary: You can all imagine how much I got done at work today with this bit running through my head since ten o'clock this morning. Note, in the thousand words or less category, this would fall under less.

"Happy Easter, Walter."

"Nice basket, Fox... goes well with the bunny suit."

"Thanks. Creme egg, or marshmallow peep?"



Archived: April 21, 2001