by inlaterdays

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If I had known it was the last time, I'd have imprinted you on my memory by force. I can conjure only pieces of you now: firm muscles sliding underneath pale, hot skin - so perfect at first, so irrevocably damaged at last. That made me want you no less, curiously: those vicious and incongruent scars - tangible evidence that I'd lose you eventually - made the pull even stronger. Your scent, your taste; so like my own, yet distinct; fear and arousal mixed with salt, leather, and metal. Your odd silence, that final time, apart from the groans I took from you and kept. And the unfathomable look in your clear, wicked eyes.


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Title:  Fragments
Author:  inlaterdays   [email/website]
Details:  Standalone  |  PG-13  |  0k  |  01/09/09
Pairings:  Mulder/Krycek
Category:  RST, Angst, Vignette
Summary:  Drabble written for the Five Senses Challenge for mk_drabbles on LiveJournal. Originally posted on 22 July 2008.

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