by Marcia Elena

Title: Mirage

Author: Marcia Elena

Email: marciaelena@hegalplace.com

Keywords: M/K, Mulder's POV.

Spoilers: Not really.

Rating: R

Summary: Emotions boiling over.

Written for the first drabble challenge issued on the MKLove list, August 24th, 2004.

Disclaimer: Mulder and Krycek belong solely to each other.

Author's notes: As mentioned, this is a drabble -- the only rule was to keep it between 100 and 200 words; mine is exactly 200 words long. The subject was 'Heat'.


by Marcia Elena

Another case, another motel room. The sun scorches the desert outside my window, and I watch the hazy line of the horizon for a while, land and sky joined in an eternal, trembling kiss.

Nothing to do until tomorrow but wait. I shower but don't bother to dry. I don't bother to dress before lying down in bed, my eyes staring blindly at the ceiling.

He shimmers before me, a vision of heat and light, born of longing. I close my eyes but he's still there, his face imprinted on the inside of my lids, an afterimage that never fades.

His absence-presence saturates me, making the poorly ventilated air in the room harder to breathe, sending my blood in a mad rush through my veins, burning me from the inside out. Always burning me.

It's why I burn him back. With my eyes, my words, my fists, making him bleed and cry and sweat for me.

I'm hard now, but I grip the sheets and don't touch myself. I keep my hips still, grinding my teeth and working desire into rage. I remind myself that I hate him.

And I try to forget that hate is only love charred black.


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