by Marcia Elena

Title: Attrition

Author: Marcia Elena


Keywords: M/K, Krycek's POV

Spoilers: All M/K episodes

Rating: R

Summary: Alex apologizes

Yet another 155 Words thingie, written July 22, 2002

Disclaimer: CC and 1013 own them. But they were already broken when I borrowed them.

Author's notes: Sin, the energizer fic-bunny, is partially to blame for this one. The rest of the blame goes to Wildy, and to Elena's not-quite-finished-yet M/K vid, called 'Sorry'.

by Marcia Elena

I'm sorry, Mulder.

Sorry I made you trust me. Sorry I betrayed you. Sorry I killed your father. Sorry I lied to you.

I'm sorry.

Sorry I cried out when you punched me. Sorry I bled. Sorry you hurt me. Sorry you hurt yourself.

Sorry, Fox. Sorry I fell for you. Sorry you couldn't deal. Sorry I wanted more. Sorry you wanted less. Sorry you're so fucked up. Sorry I never got over you.

Sorry I went crazy. Sorry I got lost. Sorry I tried to help. Sorry I smiled at you. Sorry I dreamed of you. Sorry I traded my arm for your stupidity. Sorry I endured your cruelty. Sorry I came back.


Sorry I kissed you. Sorry you felt so good. Sorry I missed you.

Sorry everything wasn't my fault.

I'm sorry, fucker.

Sorry I threatened you. Sorry I held you at gunpoint.

So, so sorry.

Sorry I didn't pull the trigger.


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