by D. Sidhe

     Date: Thursday, October 17, 2002 10:43 PM
     By D. Sidhe dsidhe@attbi.com
     Category: It's a drabble! I didn't think it was possible! (I
     mean, this header is drabble-length now.) Implied, easily
     missed, L/F slash.
     Rating: PG. Exactly three percent of it is profane, none of
     it is obscene.
     Disclaimers: Tragically, the lads aren't mine, etc. But,
     hey, now that I've written a drabble, maybe hell will
     freeze over, and maybe CC will tell me where to pick the
     boys up. ;-) The title and summary is another song, from
     "Scruffy the Cat". I think Langly'd like them.
     Summary: There is no reason to be frightened at all...

"Langly!" Frohike bellowed.

Byers winced.

"What the hell did you do to my computer?"

Langly grinned. "Chill, dude."

"What is this?"

"Virtual cat."

Byers took one look, and headed for the door.

"What the hell does it do?"

"What's it doing now?"

"Chasing a mouse."

Langly laughed. "It'll dump out your folders, too."

"For God's sake, Langly!"

He winked. "Just someone to play with when I'm not home."

Frohike shut up, then sighed. "You know it has a pink ribbon, right?"

"You can change the color. And the name. I'll show you. Here..."

Around the corner, Byers laughed and laughed.


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