Caring For Your Rat

by Finn

Title: Caring For Your Rat

Disclaimer: Any subtle reference below to any sort of person who isn't owned by me, isn't actually owned by me. No. Really.

Fandom: X-files

Rating: G

Spoilers: He wakes up, and it's all a dream... Damn, that used to be my favourite ending when I was writing stories as a kid... Second only to the "Little did he know, but I was SUPERMAN" plot device. Nah. No spoilers. No reference to the actual X-files really except what comes from all the wonderful and twisted fanfic out there.

Author: Finn



A/N: Inspired somewhat by Urs's Cat Rules adaptation.

Caring For Your Rat

Thank you for your purchase of our latest product, the Rat. Below are a few tips to follow to make sure you get the most out of your new purchase.

Note: With the above, chances are, the Rat already knows more about it than you do. However, it's nicer to let him believe you trust his information. Trust is a highly important issue.

Looking after a Rat may be a time consuming effort, but is an ultimately rewarding task. We hope you enjoy your Rat, and that he gives you many years of pleasure.

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