Chocolate I: Chocoholics Unite
by Ladonna King

He was bored. Bored, bored, bored. A week in the country with Alex had seemed like a great idea at the time. No one breathing down their necks, nothing to do but kick back and fuck themselves silly for five days straight. He'd stocked the cabin with everything they could possibly need, from exotic wines to chocolate syrup, and enough lube to keep anyone's engine running reaaaaaaal smooth.

But now it was Thursday, and he was just about fucked out. If there was a single position on a single available space in walking distance they had yet to try, he couldn't begin to imagine what it might be. And he had packed the portable Kama Sutra, so they could check off each one. As of 12:36 this afternoon, they'd run the gamut. So now what? Start over? Get out the toybox? Have that little talk with Scully and Skinner?

He heaved a sigh. Bored, bored, bored.

"Hey, Mulder," Alex grinned, flopping down beside him on the grass out back, watching the clouds roll by.

"What?" Hearing a crinkling sound, Mulder nearly rolled over, already reaching for his zipper.

"Easy, big fellah," Alex chuckled. "Besides, we ran out of condoms two days ago. Here, want one?"

Turning his head to look, Mulder saw the open package of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Alex was offering with a hint of chagrin. "Just call me Pavlov," he smirked and pulled one from the package, peeling off the little brown wrapper and wadding it up in his jeans pocket. No sense in littering, after all...though if he didn't clean out all those Trojan wrappers soon, his pockets were going to look really strange.

He was just going to take a bite out of his when he saw Alex's eyes. The way they zeroed in on his mouth. The glint that danced in those enigmatic green depths. //Hmm...teasing never gets old,// Mulder mused with a grin and let his tongue snake out instead, flicking over the chocolate, deliberately coy.

Alex grinned back, rolling on his side to watch the show, leaning on his good elbow. "You know what, Mulder?"

"Mmm," Mulder sighed, nibbling at the rippled edges and licking the chocolate from his lips. //Did I bring my handcuffs?// he wondered absently, rejecting it almost immediately. Somehow, throwing Alex up against a wall had lost its appeal along the way. Been there, done that, got the prosthetic. And the last time he'd tried making Alex mad enough to hit him instead, the bastard had walked out.

And took all the fucking lube with him.

Which really was too bad, because that look in his eyes before he shut the door, poised right there on the edge, had made Mulder hotter than he could remember being in, oh...


"I don't care if we live to be a hundred, you're still going to have the best mouth I've ever seen," Alex grinned, shaking out a Reeses cup of his own and stuffing his wrapper in Mulder's pockets as well. //Sometimes, he says the sweetest things...// Chuckling, Mulder started licking out the peanut butter filling, his tongue darting and jabbing and...

"Not that we're going to live that long," Alex sighed mournfully, flipping his candy straight up into the air.

And pulling out his gun.

With a smirk Mulder didn't like at all.

When the thing went off, Mulder's heart simply refused to beat, his eyes fixed painfully wide on Alex's face. And Alex was still smiling, a smug, evil, twisted grin, ravenous, superior...

Sexy as hell.

Alex's hand was mysteriously empty when he held it out in front of him. The peanut butter cup smacked down into his open palm, pierced dead-center by a perfect hole.

"There's no wrong way to eat a Reeses," Alex shrugged and started munching happily.

Mulder had him stripped bare just in time for his heart to start beating again, Alex's cock so far up his ass he could taste it.

Tasted a lot like chocolate, actually.

Not bad.


Chocolate II: Revenge of the Chocoholics
by Ladonna King

Mulder wasn't angry.

Angry had been a road sign he passed fifteen miles ago. And he most certainly hadn't turned off there. In fact, he'd just taken the fast lane through outraged, furious, and downright acrimonius without stopping to see the sights. Right about now, he was coming up on murderously pissed, and it looked like a pit stop was in order.

He couldn't believe the sneaking little bastard didn't even know he was being followed.

Krycek parked right before the main doors of a 7-11 in a tiny little suburb of DC, backing the //probably stolen// T-bird into a space so his nose was pointed to the street. Prepared to make a quick getaway. Mulder nearly crashed into a battered blue Olds when he ducked his head, hoping not to be seen.

Not until it was too late.

Glaring through the front windows, he watched Krycek roving the aisles, grabbing what looked like anything and everything that caught his attention. Mulder had seen him do it countless times before, starting back when they were partners. Krycek would load up on junk food and caffeine and then he'd be up for days. And after making off with half the candy aisle, the miserable bastard would be horny as hell.

//Fucker. I'm going to kill him this time. I really, really am...//

He got out of the car just as Alex made it to the checkstand. Slinking closer to the doors, Mulder leaned up against the wall, counting slowly to ten, reaching inside his jacket for his gun. This was going to be so damned good...

Wandering out with a candy bar already opened, Krycek had time to pop a piece into his mouth before Mulder snagged him by the collar, sticking the muzzle of his gun hard into Krycek's ribs. Krycek didn't look the least bit surprised, however, allowing himself to be led to Mulder's car without a word, chewing reflectively.

"Get in," Mulder hissed, shoving Krycek against the passenger door. "Make one move, and you're fucking dead, right here in the parking lot, asshole."

Alex just shrugged, opening the door and sliding inside, tossing a plastic bag into the back seat and finishing off the last of his candy bar. Like he expected a ride home from a friend. It was all Mulder could do to keep from pulling the trigger right then and there.

Instead, he climbed in the driver's side, reluctantly holstering his gun and clenching his hands hard on the wheel. //You motherfucking bastard could you do this to me?//

Alex watched him calmly, relaxing back against the seat while Mulder tried to get a rein on his temper. He had to have answers. Had to know why...

"Why him?" he grated at last, turning only his head to face Krycek. Who sighed, shaking his head slowly.

"Look, it's nothing personal--"

"The fuck it isn't," Mulder hissed, slamming his fist against the wheel. "The fuck it isn't. How long has this been going on? Are you doing this just to piss me off, or did someone set you up to it? How much of a whore are you, Alex?"

"Look, can we just drop it?" Alex looked away until Mulder grabbed him by the collar again, yanking him around and shaking him.

"Why are you fucking Skinner, you sonofabitch?"

Alex's eyes narrowed over a sneer. "Fine, Mulder. It's real easy. Sometimes you feel like a nut," his eyes traveled up and down Mulder in a mocking caress. "And sometimes you don't."

Tossing the Almond Joy wrapper into Mulder's lap, he climbed out of the car, walking away without a backward glance.


Chocolate III: Son of the Revenge of the Chocoholics
by Ladonna King

"Oh Aaaaalex," Mulder purred into the other man's ear, his grin widening when Alex shivered uncontrollably. "Are you going to sleep all morning?"

Alex groaned something unintelligible, though it turned into a whimper as Mulder dragged two fingers lightly over Alex's chest, skidding slickly through sweat and semen. "Mulder," Alex growled, grabbing hold of the wandering hand that was dipping towards his groin. "Give it a rest. You've killed me. I'm all fucked out. You're just going to have to take a nap, is all I can say."

"But I haven't seen you for weeks," Mulder sighed mournfully. "I really missed you--"

"No you didn't," Alex chuckled, pressing Mulder's hand flat and rubbing small circles over his stomach and chest, smoothing the evidence into his skin with Mulder's palm.

"And you said you're leaving again tonight," Mulder reminded Alex, refusing to be distracted. "Who knows when you'll be back. Is it my fault you've ruined me for life?"

"God, don't get melodramatic," Alex wrinkled his nose, one eye slitting open before Mulder could hide his unrepentantly smug grin. "Bitch," Alex snorted. "You're not the only guy who's ever whined for sex, you know..."

"Yeah, but how many of them get to yell 'Fuck me harder, Alex!' when it works?"

"Fewer than there used to be," Alex admitted with a wry chuckle, and Mulder spread his fingers over Alex's heart to catch the vibrations.



"Fuck me harder," Mulder purred, nuzzling at Alex's neck. "Fuck me until you melt into me. I want to feel you after you're gone tonight..." he murmured, licking down the smooth arch of Alex's collarbone to dip his tongue into the hollow of Alex's throat.

"Christ," Alex groaned, his hand coming up to cradle Mulder's head. "Fine. Come here," he sighed, claiming Mulder's mouth in a slow, leisurely kiss before nudging Mulder over onto his stomach. "Don't move."

Mulder sprawled out happily across the bed as Alex sat up, fishing around on the floor beside the night stand for his jacket. Glancing over his shoulder, Alex grinned, "And close your eyes. No peeking."

"Did you bring me something?" Mulder demanded, squeezing his eyes shut and turning his head away. When Alex asked him to do something, Alex meant it, and Mulder already knew he was no good against temptation...

"You could say that," Alex chuckled, sitting up again. Mulder felt Alex repositioning himself beside Mulder's hip, seconds before a warm, callused hand stroked down his spine. "You really are beautiful, you know that?"

Mulder grinned, burying his face in the pillows. "Are you going to get mushy on me?"

"That's a rather personal question," Alex snickered, and Mulder's shoulders shook with smothered laughter. His chuckles turned to a gasp a heartbeat later as Alex's sure touch skated down the cleft of his ass, thumb circling his opening with teasing pressure. When Alex rolled his knuckles lightly over the sensitive flesh behind his balls, Mulder arched back reflexively, begging for more. "You have no idea how much I love watching you," Alex crooned softly into the sudden stillness of the apartment, the pad of his thumb pressing, just so...

"Alex," Mulder gasped, and the touch slid away, returned, light, testing touches that made him twitch with need. His cock was hardening again, making up for the times Alex hadn't let him come, and he ground his hips into the mattress as Alex teased his ass. He was still slippery from Alex, still loose, and when two fingers slid into him, he bucked back onto the other man's hand with a groan of relief. So good...

Alex worked him with slick, circular thrusts, adding a third finger as Mulder curved his spine and spread his legs wider. God, if Alex would just... "Please," he moaned, "now..."

"Up on your knees," Alex murmured, his voice a velvet caress. Mulder scrambled up, leaving his arms stretched wide, his face and shoulders pressed to the cool sheets. Alex's fingers pulled out slowly, and Mulder whimpered as they were withdrawn, biting his lip as he was forced to wait...

The sound of a wrapper being opened startled an incredulous laugh out of him. "You're putting a condom on that thing?" he demanded with a grin. He had Alex hadn't used condoms in years, so why was this new toy the exception?

"Might not be a bad idea," Alex replied judiciously. "It'll probably melt..."

"Melt?" Mulder jerked, lifting his head and turning to look. Blinking once, he glared fiercely at Alex, who didn't look repentant in the least. "You are not putting that in my ass!"

"But Mulder," Alex chuckled delightedly, "Snickers really satisfies..."

Alex was still laughing when he tackled Mulder back to the bed, rolling Mulder up to face him and rubbing an impossibly hard cock against Mulder's hip. "Well, it was worth a try," Alex grinned as Mulder wrapped his legs around the other man, trying not to return the smirk. "I mean, since we're not going anywhere for a while..."

"Alex?" Mulder smiled sweetly.

"Yes, Mulder?"

"Shut up and fuck me harder."

"Yes, Mulder," Alex chuckled, and slid home with a grin.