Author: Broken Angel
Title: As The End Draws Nigh... (Poem)
Total Parts: 1
Status: Complete
Pairings: M/K
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Nope, no spoilers here!
Summary: Poem. Krycek ponders his relationship with Mulder.
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Warnings: If you don't like m/m interaction, go away.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Nope, no way. Unfortunately. They'd like it a lot more if they were.

As The End Draws Nigh...
by Broken Angel

We are opposites -
         a strangely dual mixture
    of shadowed radiance.
We are both fighters, you and I
  the difference lies only
         in our manner of attack.
You are illuminated - a child of the lightning
futilely making half-aimed strikes against the darkness
  Screaming your half-understood truths
    directly into the ears of the uncaring.
                  You reveal
  a willing recklessness to sacrifice.
You are indeed the child
         of the truth you have sought for so long.
And I - I am hidden.
   I am your secret counterpart, moving within the shadows
  the darker instincts of your soul
                           made manifest -
                 made flesh -
A realization of the deeds you dare not attempt.
  I provide fuel for the fires of your hatred
              for the fires of your determination.
Secrets half-whispered to you
           through lips that crave your taste
will, eventually, become
 the watch-fires that consume the darkness that is my refuge.
And soon,
   as the flames of revalation sweep inexorably towards me
   I shall stand revealed
        all parts of me, missing and scarred alike
before your eyes.
Will you then finally comprehend our similarity -
   or will you look me in the eyes uncaring
  as you pull the trigger...