Title: Recognition
Author: AtieJen
Rating: PG for m/m relationship.
Pairing: M/K
Summary: Mulder sees Alex.
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There is one thing that I am sure of; I love you. Unfortunately, loving you is wrong for you are my betrayer, my traitor, yet my seduction and weakness.

The opposite of me, the darkness to my light

When we first met, I didn't know. But I have come to realize that when I look into your eyes, I can recognize my soul and should you look into mine, you will identify yours.

If loving you is wrong, then I dare not be right for you are my soul-mate and now that I have found you again, I recognize you.

Thanks for the memories,

I Wish that life wasn't always ending up this way
with Heaven's love its taking hell to pay.

Archived: December 29, 2001