Ummm, I promised her one, so here it is.

by Loonywoif
Pairing: S/K/R
Category: X-over
Rating: PG for once.

Ten minutes. Only ten minutes before he could get back to the building. Ten minutes to see if Richie was right. Ten minutes before he would know if he was damned to hell or if all his dreams would come true.

* * *

Alex moaned and turned over. Warm, something warm was holding him.

"Come on, wake up and show me those gorgeous green eyes, Alex. Please open them, I know you're alive. Now we just have to wait for Walter.

*Walter? A shot. HE shot me. He shot me a lot!* Startled Alex opened his eyes and stared into light rich blue eyes. "Richie."

"Hey lover, damn I wasn't sure he would shoot you right, didn't want you with brain damage. A bit too much like child molestation." Richie leaned down and kissed his lover. "How do you feel?"

"Better than anything? I'm immortal now?"

"Well that's what happens when a preimmortal gets killed, lover. Now we gotta find a way to get Walter killed." Richie gently helped Alex up.

"Where's Walter?"

"He had to go to the hospital but he's on his way back. Promise. Come on, over here. I'll hold you."

Alex and Richie settled behind a concrete pillar to await their lover. Alex sat between Richie's legs, relaxing. Richie's hands stroked his hair. A flash of light disturbed them and brought them back to where they were.

"Richie, Alex??" Walter called out.

"Here Walter. Wait." Waiting for Alex to get up, Richie looked at Walter. Finally standing at Alex's side, the two walked over to Walter. Move over Walter, we have a long road trip before we get to Duncan's cabin. Where's your cell and your gun?"

"Here." Walter handed both over.

"Thanks." Richie threw the cell against the wall, taking the gun he dropped it under a light were it could be seen. "ID?"

Walter smiled and pulled it out before tossing it at the remains of the cell phone. "So where exactly is this cabin?" Walter asked before he leaned down to kiss Alex. "Glad you're here."

"Glad to be here." Alex kissed Walter again as Richie cleared his throat. "What no kisses for me?"

Both Walter and Alex gave him more than enough before Walter pulled back. "Come on let's go before they start looking for me."

Nodding, the three men got in the car, Alex in the middle, and set off.

Archived: September 15, 2001