Author: Laura Jacquez Valentine (
Title: Eight Hours
Archive: Archive/X, Gossamer
Codes: M/Sk
Rating: PG for m/m angst, etc.
Summary: Sequel to "Seven Days, Seven Sins". Skinner's virtue is getting the better of him.
Disclaimer: Fox/1013/CC. Not me. Definitely not me.
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Eight Hours


Just now, I catch him looking at me with a wistful expression on his face. Just now, I think he blushed when I looked back.

Just now, Scully's smirking into her hand. Just now, he's crossing his legs and glaring at her.

Just now, he's sneaking a sideways glance at me.


Just now, I'm telling him I trust him. Just now, I let him know how much I value his insight. Just now, I let myself flirt with him.

Just now, Scully's smirking again.

Just now, I'm praying to God that I'm right.


Just now, Scully can't stop smirking. Just now, I'm ignoring it. Just now, I'm resisting the impulse to slap her silly.

Just now, the other agents in the table are confused. Just now, I'm stoic.


Just now, I give everyone a break. Just now, we've been stuck in this office for four hours.

Just now, Mulder offers me a can of soda. Just now, he has one of his own, and he's rolling it along the side of his neck, leaving little beads of moisture behind.

Just now, I do the same. Just now, he inhales sharply and looks away.


Just now, I sip my soda slowly. Just now, this meeting might be over in another four hours. Just now, I refuse to tempt Fate.


Just now, I give myself a goal. Just now, I tell myself I can only watch him when he's the one speaking.

Just now, I refrain from deliberately throwing questions his way.


Just now, I offer to buy him dinner and discuss an idea he has. Just now, I want to give and give and give to him. Just now, I want him to let me.

Just now, I'm smiling benevolently at Scully, who is smirking again.


Just now, the meeting is over.

Just now, he and I are walking to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Just now, we're passing an alley.

Just now, I'm pulling him into it, kissing him in the dark and the damp.

Just now, he's kissing me back.

The End