Author: Lady of Rage
Title: Alone
TotalParts: 1
Status: Complete
Pairing: Poetry & Filk
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This is for Mulder


Alone in my bed I lie with tears storming down out of my eyes
I violently cry.

My head is constantly spinning and my heart is full of terrible pain.
I'm deserted in a world of turmoil and
I'm often in constant fear of going insane.

I'm falling, but there's no one here to catch me.
I'm falling deeper into this hole, but
there's no one here to see.
Everywhere I go there's complete darkness and every time I speak there's
an empty echo.
Pain and suffering, they engulf my every
I feel like a prisoner that's been caught.
I'm so tired of fighting this battle, over and over again I fought.

Who's winning?
Certainly not I, for in my bed I lie,
silently on this moonless night.

This plague called loneliness cares for
no one.
It's a world of emptiness and sorrow.
It can make you wish away tomorrow.

It puts you in a state of despair.
Without a worry or care, it can make you take your last breath of air.

Loneiness can't make you feel good, for
being alone never does.
Where did it come from?
How did it start?
To have your spirit broken and a crushed heart.
To not know how to go on.
It's a terrible thing to be-
To be Alone.

Archived: April 27, 2001