Definitely Not Haagen Daz

by cdavis

Title: Definitely Not Haagen Daz
Author: cdavis
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Status: Complete
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Pairing (Primary): Mulder/Skinner
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Summary: Mulder and Skinner go shopping. 200 word challenge.

Definitely Not Haagen Daz
by cdavis

They had only come for the weekly grocery shopping, and the squad cars outside made Skinner want to go to Magruder's instead, but Mulder's inability to ignore bright, flashing lights and his whining to go inside convinced him to park in front of the Giant.

Curiosity inflamed, Mulder approached one of the officers who, after a brief argument, lead the way to the frozen food section. They wound through piles of defrosting packages of Stouffers and Lean Cuisine stacked on the floor. When they halted by one of the freezer bins Mulder gasped.

"Walter! It's my sister!" Mulder cried out, bending to take the cold body into his arms. "And she's bar coded! Samantha! Speak to me!" He slapped her face gently.

The store manager ran up, flapping his hands in agitation. "You must remove her. This is against all FDA regulations!"

"I'll take her home to mother!" Mulder declared jubilantly.

"I don't think that's a good idea. She's...expired." Skinner pointed to a sticker date.

Mulder paused. "Mom wouldn't like that."

"She'd probably slap you, again."

"I think I'll leave her here."

"Good choice," Skinner agreed.

Things being what they were, they decided to shop at Magruder's after all.


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